333 Fredericton Air Cadet Squadron was chartered on the 16th of October 1943 and was originally formed as a high school squadron. In 1958, Lord Beaverbrook, then Chancellor of the University of New Brunswick, gave the squadron permission to carry his name. A native of N.B., Lord Beaverbrook had been Minister of Aircraft Production in Winston Churchill’s cabinet during World War II. The Squadron was also named as the permanent custodian of Lord Beaverbrook’s personal coat of arms designed by Rudyard Kipling in 1917.

Updated: TUESDAY, 17 Sep 2013

Cadets will be participating in a Field Training Excercise this weekend. Cadets are asked to be at Murch Field, Mactaquac by 1830 hrs on Friday Sep 20. Cadets will have all kit and their permission slip with them when they arrive. Please see the kit list below for what to bring with you. Cadets are to be picked up at Murch Field at 1300hrs on Sunday Sep 22.

***1st year cadets who have not completed their paperwork must bring a copy of their birth certificate and their Medicare card with them. If these items are not brought you will be sent home***

Kit List


❏ Prescription medication & Medic Alert bracelet (if required)


❏ 1 Combat field dress – complete (if you have it)

❏ 2 Tee shirt

❏ 2 Sweaters

❏ 2 Pants (no jeans)

❏ 1 Combat boots or hiking boots

❏ 1 Running shoes, pair

❏ 4 Socks (wool)

❏ 1 Sports/athletic wear (e.g. sweatpants, shorts, hoody)

❏ 1 Rain coat/rain pants

❏ 1 Bush cap or sun hat

❏ 1 Toque/hat

❏ 1 Gloves and/or mitts

❏ 1 Warm jacket

❏ 4 Underwear, pair

❏ 1 Sleep-wear/long johns

❏ 1 Personal hygiene kit (tooth brush, toothpaste, comb etc.)

❏ 1 Towel

❏ 1 Flashlight & batteries

❏ 1 Water bottle

❏ 1 Notepad

❏ 1 Sleeping bag and Pillow


❏ Snacks

❏ Sunglasses

❏ Wristwatch

❏ Chapstick & small amount of sunscreen

❏ Pocket money for cadet canteen

The above items are the minimum requirement for a cadet to attend. You may bring other items for your comfort and to keep warm.


1. Knives or weapons of any type.

2. Cell phones/electronic devices (if brought they will be held by the Staff until end of FTX)

3. Inappropriate Civilian Clothing (e.g. spaghetti strap tops, tops showing the belly, clothing with offensive slogans)

4. Matches or lighters

5. Scented body sprays and lotions, aftershave or perfume

Pictures from the the Squadron's 70th ACR, and other picutres, can be found at the following link: https://skydrive.live.com/redir?resid=8A19FC302F1B57B!214&authkey=!AHm0WAzVvgwV2sA Please feel free to view and download.

INFORMATION REGARDING WEATHER RELATED CANCELLATIONS - In the event of inclement weather that affects any training activity with the Squadron, please ensure to call the Squadron's info line at 454-3330 or check this website before you depart..

REMINDER TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS - We ask parents/guardians to ensure that they pick up their cadets at the scheduled end times of the activities list below.


Weekly Activities

Saturday September 21:

No Activities due to FTX

Sunday September 22:

Biathlon (1800-2000) Carleton St. Armoury. Please bring sportswear and a waterbottle with you

Upcoming events:

28 September (Saturday) - NB Air Cadet Fun Raiser- Participating cadets are to be at the Small Craft Aquatic Center no later than 0930 in appropriate sports attire.

If you are interested in membership information with 333 Squadron, please forward an email to 333.air@cadets.gc.ca or telephone (Carleton Armoury: Monday nights between 1900-2030hrs, Friday evenings between 1800-2130hrs) Or, please stop by the Fredericton Armoury on Monday evenings between 1900hrs and 2000hrs and Fridays between 1830hrs to 2100hrs. Parents are reminded to bring your child's birth certificate as well as their Provincial Medicare Card Number with them as this will be required for enrolling your son or daughter into the program.